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Church Government Essay

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Church Government in a Changing Environment

Submitted to Dr. Samuel Hoyt, in partial of fulfilment of the requirements for the course

Summer 201420 THEO 530-B05-LUO

Systematic Theology II


Marlinda M. House Rhodes

Lynchburg, Virginia May 29, 2014

Thesis Statement

This paper will support that trained leaders, upgrading organizational designs, functions, and services are essential to meeting the needs of membership and attracting new members. Research Question

What are the reasons why church governments outdated and membership and church growth is declining?

Introduction 1
Church Government 1
History 1

Defined 2

History 2

Ecumenical Council 3 First Church Structure 3 Separation East and West 3 Three Types of Polity 4 Denominational 5 ...

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