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Government Entitlements A Libertarian Point Of Essay

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The Welfare/Nanny State is a popular discussion that entertains a variety of notions. Views such as the Libertarians’ believe that self-reliance and responsibility are of great importance when referring to government issues. For example, the government’s role is not that of a “Nanny” state in reference to Universal Health Care. Are we to look to our government for complete and unearned help? Does the government have the right to dictate to us when, where, how and how much we are to have, do and enjoy? The Libertarians’ views on this are very simple. Let’s take a look at these points and determine exactly where the Libertarians stand, and determine if the government is stepping over its given powers.

First, I will take a look at our government’s right to control our bodies. This would also be in reference to the government’s ability to control the health care of our nation. Our founding fathers believed that “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” was important enough to write in our Declaration of Independence, why? They believed that life was one of our responsibilities as humans to protect. The Declaration of Independence was our document declaring us independent from the tyranny of the British government. We were not declaring these as responsibilities of a new government to rule over, but on the contrary the dependence to control these things on our own. “Thus arises the question of corporal ownership. For Americans, the answer has been settled. Since the terrible bloodletting of the Civil War, and now excepting military service, ownership of one’s body is a matter between the individual and God, with no intermediation by government. Yet assertions are now being made that government should have responsibility for, and thus authority over, the maintenance of our bodies. It necessarily follows that government must have the power to approve or withhold care. This concept collides destructively with the founding principles of individual responsibility and autonomy upon which popular sovereignty depends” (Anderson). This clearly states the government’s intrusion into the bodies and health of its citizens. God gave us our life; He did not give the government our life. We also have a choice as to whether or not we want to give up life and body to the government; it’s called the military. If we choose, we can give up our liberty of bodily preservat...

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