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Assignment 3 Supply Demand Government Essay

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Study Aide and TIPS for Module 1-Written Assignment 3
Rubric for grading:
M1-Assignment 3 Grading Criteria | Maximum
Points | Points Earned |
Correctly constructed the supply and demand graph. It is recommended that you use the EXCEL study aide I posted to do this. | 12 | 12 | Answered questions 2-5 correctly, 15 points each. | 60 | 60 | Answered question 6 correctly. | 8 | 8 |

Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It is recommend to use an Excel sheet for the graph and a WORD document for the other questions. APA formatting should be done in WORD with a title page, in-text citations, and a reference page. I want to emphasis that you must have a reference page listing your sources. This is worth a lot of points so don’t forget this. | 20 | 20 | Total: | 100 | 100 |

M1-Assignment 3: Supply, Demand, & Government in the Markets (Be sure to scroll to the last page for some important information) A doctoral student has just completed a study for her dissertation and found the following demand and supply schedules for hand held computers to be as follows: Price/Computer | Quantity Demanded | Quantity Supplied |

$200 | 1000 | 2200 |
175 | 1250 | 2050 |
150 | 1500 | 1900 |
125 | 1750 | 1750 |
100 | 2000 | 1600 |
75 | 2250 | 1450 |
50 | 2500 | 1300 |
25 | 2750 | 1150 |
1.Using Microsoft Excel, draw a graph illustrating the supply and demand in this market. Here is some information from our lecture to help you in completing this requirement. Your graph should be set up like the sample below. Your data for the graph will come of the chart above. Remember that the horizontal axis (z) is the Quantity and the vertical axis (y) is always price. Are you now recalling some of your high school math and algebra classes where you studied this? I suggest that you first do a pract...

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