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A Form Of Government For Xlandia Essay

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White Paper: A Recommendation for Xlandia

Every Government needs a framework in order for them to efficiently work, regulate, and rule the masses. This framework is known as a Constitution, and it is a set of fundamental principles created according to the desires and needs of those involved in its forging. Now Government power is limited when there is a mutual respect on the restraints on power, a constitution with legal limits on power, individual rights are protected in the constitution, and in all there is a status quo for promoting what is best for everyone. To add to this there is a separation of powers and the power must be shared. However, the polar opposite of a limited government is an unlimited government which includes two types, an Authoritarian and Totalitarian. Within a Totalitarian government, there is one dominant leader supported by a mass party, the media is controlled, there is no opposition allowed, terror is used to maintain power, and individual behavior is controlled. In an Authoritarian government, it is controlled by a single person or a dominant elite, the military shows full support, the government itself is not accountable for its actions, the media can be censored, and the public is not allowed to criticize the government.

Now if you are looking for structure, something with a final say, a written constitution is the way to go because it grants a written assurance of all the principles set forth within the document. With an unwritten, you would have to depend on the tradition of the people, and traditions can either evolve or change in varying amounts of time, the only assurance and final say you can get is by those who are around you. A written constitution is needed for Xlandia because they just came out of a dictatorship, they aren’t familiar with democracy, and they need a structured final say in a written constitution. A federalist system is one where sovereignty...

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