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Government 2306 – 425



Powers of the Presiding Officers
* Procedural powers- directly related to the legislative process * Institutional power- used to affect administrative policy and management of Texas government

Procedural Tools of Leadership
* Appoint most committee members and committee chairs
* Assign bills to committees- you can manipulate which bills are passed/ not passed you can send it to the wrong/right committee * Schedule legislation for floor action- schedule a vote, if you don’t want bill passed don’t schedule a vote * Recognize members on the floor- you can choose people who want to push your agenda (clean water example) * Interpret procedural rules

* Appoint chairs and members of conference committees- it depends if youre for or against the person who’s hiring. If you want the chair position “you scratch my back ill scratch yours” * Speaker appoints to House procedural and appropriations committees: -Total membership –chair and vice-chair.

Appropriations bills is how much money is going to be used and gained * Speaker determines when/if bills are heard on the House floor. * Limited seniority system determines up to one-half of a committees membership. Speaker appoints other half. Standing committee chairs appoint to subcommittees:

-Membership –chairs and vice chairs
* Appointive powers of presiding officer predicts action of a comm...

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