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A democracy depends upon citizens being involved and informed. Each individual has responsibilities in being an active citizen and cooperative member of society. Each student must complete 6 C.A.P’s for 1st semester. C.A.P’s make up 10% of your semester grade and will be calculated as follows 100% = 6 C.A.P’s 90% = 5 C.A.P’s

80% = 4 C.A.P’s
70% = 3 C.A.P’s
60% = 2 C.A.P’s
50% = 1 C.A.P’s
0% = 0 C.A.P’s
Not completing this will have an adverse effect on your semester grade. To help you I will put information about C.A.P opportunities on the bulletin board that will let you know of upcoming events or opportunities.

Each of the C.A.P. write ups must be typed with 12 pt, Times New Roman font. The page requirements for each category are complete pages, not half or three quarter pages (unless specifically noted as a half page write up). All pages should be double spaced. Write ups should be headed with YOUR NAME followed by the C.A.P. CATEGORY. The date of when the C.A.P was done, not when you wrote it up, must also be included in the heading. If there is any question about the category you may not receive credit.

All required categories must be completed in order for the optional categories to count towards your final grade. They can be done in any order but the optional will not count unless the required are completed.


In order to fulfill this requireme...

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