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Ancient Roman Government Notes Essay

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Accountability- Being answerable to others
Concillum Plebus- The “common-people” assembly which helped give the citizens more political power Empire- A dominating nation with extensive territories and a powerful ruler Laws of the 12 Tables- Guidelines for citizen’s behavior; a list of Roman customs about property and punishment Mercenary- A soldier who is hired for service in a foreign country Patrician- Member of Rome’s richest and most important families who served on the Senate for life Plebeian- The common person or lower-clas...

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12 27b.c 450b.c 500 509b.c account ad allow ancient answer around assembl b.c back battl behavior british call carthaginian celtic centuri citizen class code collect common common-peopl complex concillum contin correct could council countri cover custom deal develop differ divid domin due earli elect emperor empir end establish etruscan eventu exist expert extens famili final financi first foreign form freedom freeli gave give got govern governor greec greek guidelin head help hire hous howev import interpret issu jurist kept last law leader legal life list liter lower lower-class magisteri member men mercenari militari money money/property name nation note obtain offici one one-year order other part patrician peac peopl person plebeian plebus polit power pressur properti punish repres republ revis richest right rom roman rome rule ruler run samnit satisfi senat sent serv servic soldier span stabil stand state step strengthen success tabl tablet taken tax ten term territori third three took train tribun twelv two understand vote within wrote year