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North Korea Government Essay

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Is it better to be feared or loved? One can make a case for both sides of the argument because both options have pros and cons. But in North Korea, fear seems to be a recurring theme in the way the Koreans rule the state. North Korea is very much like Iran in that it wants to join the elite group of the world. This elite group consists largely of nuclear capable countries. This desire results in North Korea making endless efforts to develop such technology. North Korea wants the most efficient system to go along with its military status. Therefore, the leaders rid the countries of any politically “different” people and put them into labor camps for life. North Korea also has heavy control of the media. Propaganda is far more employed than any real story, creating a fever for whoever is in power. These power grasps all add up to show that North Korea basically survives on inflicting fear among its subjects and other countries. Through flexing a nuclear muscle, defying human rights by using labor camps, and having complete control of a propaganda-based media, North Korea is able to utilize fear as a means to justify its global position. It is clear to countries in this day and age that having nuclear capabilities is a valuable commodity. Therefore, throughout the world, one can see rumors about different countries attempting to develop nuclear weapons. As for North Korea, this rumor has become a reality and it is evident that the country has developed a fully functional nuclear missile. On February 12, 2013, North Korea made its third nuclear missile test, and this time it was successful (Lankov). Though the statistics show that the successful missile was significantly smaller than the bombs dropped on Japan, it cannot be denied that North Korea has become a nuclear power (Lankov). North Korea began doing research for nuclear power around 1960 (Keys). This nuclear fever originated from the Cold War an increasing interest in the power it held to obliterate a neighboring country (Keys). The leader at the time of the Cold War was Kim-Il Sung, who was known to be a great devotee to Stalin (Keys). It was his loyalty to Stalin that also had an increased influence on the conquest for nuclear power (Keys). For one, much like Iran, North Korea has repeatedly refused to negotiate its nuclear research (Gale). A statement from Andrei Lankov of Kookmin University in Seoul sums up the North Koreans stiffness: "The North Koreans might be willing to make small concessions [to the Chinese] and even agree to remain calm for a while. But the nuclear issue is not negotiable. They are a nuclear power, and will remain as such" (Gale). An incident supporting this stance occurred in 2009 (Keys). North Korean government officials were fed up with accusations, so they de...

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