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French And Spanish Government In Louisiana Essay

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The colony of Louisiana has faced many challenges. Besides having settlements along the Gulf Coast and all along the Mississippi River, I think obtaining this colony from the French is a bad idea. The French have had nothing but trouble while trying to set up Louisiana as a colony. The French lacks consistency in governing, they sent the wrong types of settlers, there are no cash crops, and they have trouble with the Native Americans. (Sept. 17,2012).

There is a lot of disharmony within the government of the Louisiana colony. The King appoints Antoine Crozat to become the proprietor of Louisiana (40). Crozat, has no interest in Louisiana and proved that by never stepping foot on its land. He has full authority that a governor would have, but since he is estranged from Louisiana, it makes it hard for the settlers to follow his rules. The settlers are more apt to listening to Sieur de Bienville, who is present in Louisiana and is the acting commandant and military commander (39).

Crozat then appoints a proprietor, Cadillac, to lead the colony and to be his acting voice present in Louisiana. Cadillac followed Crozat’s instructions and set up a Superi...

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