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Analysis Government Must Lead The Charge Essay

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Analysis: “Government Must Lead the Charge on Electric Cars” The Australian government needs to “lead the charge” on the electric car revolution, according to Megan Flannery. She writes this in response to a feature in a national newspaper. Flannery writes her article with a mostly matter-of-fact tone, which is also formal. She uses facts and evidence to support her argument; she also includes persuasive, emotive and inclusive language to influence the reader’s belief on this issue. Her article is targeted at people planning to buy a new car and to the Australian government.

Flannery begins and ends her article with a humorous pun, introducing and concluding the piece in a light-hearted manner. By suggesting at the beginning that government must “lead the charge” and at the conclusion that consumers should “plug in” to the future of vehicles, the writer hopes to position readers to be sympathetic to the point she is making. By appearin...

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