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Growing up in the inner city of Baltimore, where statisticians and others labeled me a statistic before I was born was more than difficult. I grew up not having much but learned the value of family because through the tough times, sad times, and joyous times I always had my family to rely on. My family no matter what the situation was there. I never knew when I would need them or how long they would be around but I knew I could go to them as a safe haven because they were my strong support system.

Many people find love through their family. It is the type of love that is unconditional like agape love. The love that you receive from your family is usually unconditional and for many they never want that feeling of family love to depart from them. I value my family because I never know how long they will be around. At the early age of two, I faced the loss of my mother to natural birth causes. Even though I was young and did not understand the value of family, my mother’s spirit still resonates within me. I always would wonder how she would look, act, or smile like. My m...

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