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1. The Texas political culture is a blend of traditionalist and individualist. Both of the traits can be traced back to the formation of Texas. The individualist roots of the lone star state can be tied to several factors. First, the American settlers and the Mexican people who strived to better themselves through opportunities had an individual mindset that made them desire to settle the rugged land. Second, after the revolution Texas became its own nation and with its own constitution. Third, with the abundant resources of cattle, cotton, and oil Texas was economically strong and needing little federal support. The traditionalist roots can be found in a few areas. First Texas having the abundant resources has created many wealthy people who have a power over the government. Second, many laws in Texas favor large corporations and low taxation. Third, full citizen participation in politics and voting has never been encouraged as much as many other states due to the wealthy and vast size. These are some of the factors of the traditionalist and individualist political culture of Texas today ba...

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