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Government Jurisdiction On Gay Marriage Essay

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Marriage has evolved from the time of the ancient world . Marriage was to make alliances, acquire land, and produce legitimate heirs. The choice to be wed was usually not made by the two being wed, and the benefits of the marriage were typically not received by the couple. Unlike today, having children was a duty rather than a desire. The role love has in marriage today was once seen as an absurdly flimsy reason for it. Since the ancient world, marriage has gone from a decision of Kings and lords seeking power, to the desire of an individual influenced by love. Since the concept of marriage being seen as a means to have offspring still predominates in society, some believe love is limited to couples that can biologically produce children. Some disagree. There are no Kings in our society to make that decision, so who is it left up too?

In order for marriage to be legal the state government must grant a marriage license. The requirements and laws to receive one are made by the state, thus giving the state the ability to recognize a marriage as acceptable or not. The jurisdiction was left to the states in a time...

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