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Lying Of Government Essay

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The most expensive purchase most Americans will ever make is their own government. Government costs the average American more than their home, more than their health care, more than their childrens' college education. Yet people who would spend a great deal of time kicking the tires before buying a new car spend disastrously little time checking out the government that sucks so much money out of them over their lifetimes. Right now, looking under the hood of that expensive item called "government", we see a unified group of men and women who lied to send your children off to a war of conquest. Across this land there are thousands of families waking up to the knowledge that their sons and daughters were crippled and killed in Iraq for reasons other than what they were told.

First off, let's dispense with this crap about "Intelligence failures". An Intelligence Failure is when something is happening that you don't know about. You miss the evidence. Or you misinterpret the evidence you have.

But with regards to the claims about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, there was no evidence to miss or misinterpret. There could not be, since in hindsight there were no weapons to leave traces of evidence with. The story about weapons of mass destruction was just made up, and fraudulently manufactured "proof" created to support that lie. The mere existence of Tony Blair's dossier, plagiarized from a student thesis, is proof not only that the claims of Iraq WMDs were lies, but were known and conscious lies. Had their been any real proof, it would have been shared immediate...

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