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Bus365 Karissa Johnson Week 2 Government Essay

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Government Support of Technological Innovation
Karissa Johnson
BUS365 Creativity and Innovation
Instructor: Ryan Kauth
January 20, 2014

Governmental Support of Technological Innovation
Innovation has been one of the most popular current trends in the world today. Every nation and every part of the world is challenging one another in creating new things, having innovative ideas and changing the way of living. This can be seen in different projects that each public and private organizations have all over the world, like creating fuel efficient transportation means or having a safer and cleaner environment. We have countries that are topping the list when it comes to innovation like China, Germany and Japan as they continue to focus their resources, skills and talents in changing our ways of life through innovation. As for America, it has been including technological innovation as one of the things they have to focus on and have budget with. There are now researches funded by the government and they are now using high end computers and other tools to ensure that they can come up with a revolution. In this paper, we will be looking at the two important government programs we have that aims to innovate and how these program’s funding can be used if not for the said research program. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Energy Program is the first program we will talk about. The main focus of this program is to focus on fuel and be able to save energy, how to renew energy and hot to sustain jobs and be able to create more. This program is also responsible in making a program or a project that will end up re...

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