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The Federal Government S Simplified Acquisitons Procedures Essay

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The Federal Government’s Simplified

Acquisition Procedures

Sherry McGee

Principles of Federal Acquisition and Contract Management, BUS 209

Professor Wilson

December 5, 2008


In the federal government there are certain policies and procedures in place for acquiring small purchases, which is referred to as simplified acquisition procedures. These procedures are used for purchases from a very small purchase card transaction, considered to be a micro-purchase of $3,000 and under, up to $100,000. These procedures also can be used for the procurement of commercial supplies and services up to $5,500,000. The objective of this paper is to discuss what constitutes a simplified acquisition. This paper will also cover the policies, procedures and methods used by the Government to obtain these types of simplified supplies or services.

The Federal Government’s Simplified

Acquisition Procedures

In the federal government there are specific policies and procedures for the procuring of supplies or services. This paper reviews the policies and procedures in regards to simplified acquisitions. I will outline the meaning of simplified acquisitions, describe the dollar amounts involved in simplified acquisitions, what is needed for each dollar amount, the types of methods used by the government to make such purchases, and touch on commercial items that go up to $5,500,000. To begin with, simplified acquisition is a streamlined procurement process that allows the government to obtain goods and services, which the government calls, simplified acquisition procedures. Simplified acquisition procedures use to be referred to as “small purchases” and there is a dollar amount threshold that has been set on procuring simplified acquisitions, which can not exceed is $100,000 (“Simplified Acquisition Procedures,” 2007). The federal government implemented the simplified acquisition procedures so that they can reduce the cost of administration, improve the opportunities to small, small disadvantaged and women-owned businesses so that they get a fair share of the market, promote efficiency, and avoid unnecessary burdens for agencies and the contractors they work with (Leenders, Johnson, Flynn, & Fearon, 2006, p. 415). The federal government’s simplified acquisition procedures, as well as all of their procuring policies and procedures, are governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Within the FAR it dictates how government officials will procure simplified acquisitions. According to the FAR Part 13, Simplified Acquisition Procedures, these procedures need to be used for all purchases of supplies or services that do not exceed the simplified acquisition threshold of $1000,000, as mentioned above (Requirements for Simplified Acquisition Purchases, 2006). Per FAR 13.5, Test Program for Certain Commercial Items, this gives permission to acquire commercial goods and services up...

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