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Government And Politics Core Executive Topic Essay

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Government and Politics
Jan 2011
Topic 3- The core Executive

1) A government is "the organization, that is the governing authority of a political unit," "the ruling power in a political society," and the apparatus through which a governing body functions and exercises authority. The Government is made up of the largest Political party in the House of Commons. In recent years it has been the Labour Party or the Conservative party. In the 2010 general election, there was no majority in the house of Commons, it was a hung Parliament as there was no majority by any party. In the end a coalition government was found between the Conservative and Liberal democrats led by David Cameron. However, even though the Conservative-liberal coalition has majority in the house of commons and created a government. It doesn’t mean there wont be problems in the existing government. Both parties have there different policies in which can end up in disputes on what the government as 2 parties should do. Some times a divide can happen for example when David Cameron and Conservatives vetoed treaty change in the EU. He said it was for the best for the nation. However, the Deputy Prime minister Nick Clegg and Liberal democrats strongly disagree with David Cameron. This is one of many problems facing a government such as a Coalition government. The Government is not just political as there are departments in which the Politicians must run, the departments are run by Civil servants who work with the Minister / MP. A example of a minister of a department, Justine Greening is the minister for the Transport Department, she will have special advisers (Spads) which help her make deci...

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