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Does Government Breathe And Live For Essay

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Modern society has evolved from agriculturally based to industrial, thus eating habits have become more unhealthy. Fast food restaurants are often blamed for the rising obesity rates in America, and there have been multitudes of civil lawsuits of consumers suing companies for their lack of a better lifestyle. Although, the argument that the fast food industry is the main culprit, fast food should not be blamed for personal vices. As human beings, people need to recognize that an advancing technological society along with its technologies and sedentary lifestyle could have wrought such problems like obesity. Furthermore, an even greater vice that people must overcome is a lack of responsibility thereof, and not the “liability game.” Personal responsibility, alternative choices, and statistics show that fast food should ultimately be free of regulation.

First, the problem of self responsibility should be addressed. Are American citizens really too “vulnerable” and ill-informed to make decisions about their ow...

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