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Pros And Cons Of Government Intervention Essay

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This specific report addresses the pros and cons of how much government intervention in the marketplace is necessary and appropriate. This report will cover four authors, Cunningham, Green, Friedman and Pertschuk. The authors have written extensively on consumerism and the protection thereof. This author’s goal is to break down some of the theories, which authors seem akin in their beliefs and which authors’ views are bipolar opposites. Green states there be only should be two types of government regulations 1) economic regulations and 2) health and safety regulations. He states the only important pieces of consumer legislation to emerge from Congress in the past three years were the “Consumer Protection Safety Commission (p.48). Green claims their should be a Consumer Protection agency as opposed to an advocacy. This author is definitely for government intervention in consumer protection. One of the reasons he gives is because the market place is weak, inadequate and needing protection (p.48-490). First, safety regulations that explicitly assume that the market will not adequate protect consume...

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