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Government Performance Measurement In Usa Essay

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Government Performance Measurement in USA

It’s not until 1990s, did Chinese public management scholars begin to focus Western government performance evaluation of the theoretical research and application. As we are late at the beginning of the government performance research, we can reflect on the assessment of the United States and other developed countries experiences, and learned a lot from it. In this way, we can make up a better Chinese characteristics foundation of government performance evaluation system.

The status of American Studies
Generally speaking, their study has the following features: (1) U.S. Government Performance Assessment System is a continuation of the West Basic characteristics of political science, maintaining the 1990s’ study characteristics. (2) U.S. Government Performance theory is becoming more and more close to the social development and political change. (3)U.S. government performance evaluation borrows multidisciplinary study theory, and interdisciplinary research methods affect each. What’s more, the theory of economics becomes the most important factor theory in the study of government performance studies. Also, private sector’s advanced management methods and technology are actively advocated in their research, which forms its distinctive research characteristics. (4) U.S. government performance evaluation study takes on a leading position in the world in this field. (5) American scholars regard the government performance evaluation as a systematic management process studies, they also think that the government performance management process is the core of the government management, and their studies the core of the specific issues and case studies, not pure theory research.

Empirical research
Scholar Brain Sorber describes the introduction of performance evaluation system efforts from a perspective of the central government. Nico Mol talks about through budgeting system involvement in the performance evaluation of the implementation issues in Defense systems. Arie Halachmi, by comparing the two different perspectives, finds some differences of the United States, what are the compare between the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA). Starting from the connection of performance measurement and accountability, research the universality issue of government performance and the quality evaluation. Canahan and Holzer study the approaches of citizens participate in the U.S. government’s service evaluation. Bill Waugh explores the difficult problem to evaluate the proper emergency response, and research to define what capability is enough. What’s more, the emergency event evaluation refers to which factors in a ...

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