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Government Day 1 Essay

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Political science systematic study of political society Human behavior
Large scale organizations that we create
Create for the sake of survival and good life
How humans interact with each other
How do these systems work? Are some better than others?
“Political Science is the master science in the realm of action” Aristotle politics gives direction to all kinds of other studies, political decisions determine a lot of things Subfields of Political Science

American Politics how the American system works
Comparative Politics comparing countries systems and how they work International Relations focus on how countries interact with one another; war; international organizations Political Theory most philosophical branch; asks big picture questions Law

Thomas Hobbes- “Leviathan”
True of all people- we don’t trust each other
Natural equality of hope- causes us to compete with one another Competition, diffidence, glory make us fight in state of nature; use violence in sake of gain, reputation Reason and passion lead us to organize into political society *Life in the state of nature is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short” state of nature is such a bad place to be in, gladly sacrifice our liberty to a centralized state Anarchy----------------Despotism

Between Anarchy and Tyranny
Is Hobbes right about human nature?
Is there a political option between the Hobbesian extremes? If so, what is it? Ancient Politics and Civic Virtue
Athenian Democracy
Polis “Politics”
Oikos as Foundation for Polis
Role of Women, Slaves, and Children
Direct Democracy
Oikos= Economics
Roman Politics
Comparison with Greeks
Res publicae= “public business”
Roman Republic:
Senate (patricians) old men, high class
Consuls heads of state, presidents, all together
Tribune (representing the plebians) one job- stop legislation; veto; on half of the common people Secrets of Roman Success
**Right to vote, right to have contracts, right to a trial, roman citizen= could not be put to death except cases of treason right to move trial, can not be put to death by crucifixion** Rome expands and controls much of Europe

From Republic to Empire
Shakespeare, Julius Caeser (1599)
Julius Caeser and Pompey
44 BC
Should Caeser be made King?
Caeser and the American Founding
Julius Caeser
Flavious & Murellus are tribunes= to protect people from the government Upset because everyone celebrating Caeser
Don’t wont the celebration
Caeser enters with wife Calphurnia and Antony; closest thi...

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