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E Government And Digital Strategies Essay

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E-Government and Digital Strategies
The Federal Government now works diligently to provide citizens information and tools that are relevant, useful, efficient and innovative to manage their lives, and be productive lawful citizens anywhere anytime. These tools should be designed to be convenient, and at the users fingers tips at any given moment. That is what today’s advanced fast-paced techno-logically world demands. Today with modern tools like the Internet, smarter than ever mobile devices and cloud computing there is an ability to provide a landscape of applications, documents and programs to the average consumer/citizen that allows for no more going into to a government build waiting in a long line to have a person handle a the case at hand. This frees the individual citizen(s) and allows the government workers time to allocate elsewhere as well. The new expectation of the Federal Government is that it will be ready to deliver and receive digital information and provide digital services at any given time, to any given devices, anywhere possible. While doing so, these services must be done so in the most and safely without interruption. Using modern tools, digital information and technologies the Federal Government has the ability to provide its people the tools need to dramatically enhance the ways they manage their citizenship, their lives, and businesses and communicate with those in the government standings.

The American Federal Government Digital Strategy has three clear defined objectives starting with enabling its citizens access to the utmost convenience of services all provided in a digitally secure manner; to be utilized anytime, anywhere from any device. The second objective is being able to adjust to a changing digital environment, by procuring the ability to manage data, applications and devices in cost conscious, secure, savvy ways. The third objective the American Federal Government Digital Strategy must bring into practice is to release the power of government data so that innovation can transpire across the Nation and improve the quality of services readily available to all Americans (Office of E-Government & Information Technology , 2012) According to these objectives, the American Federal Government has developed a clear-cut strategy for a digital government to better serve the American people not only in the 21st century but also in the centuries to come.

In this paper, the above objectives will be discussed in detail. Details will be discussed on how the Federal Government provides quality digital services and data from anywhere to anyone or any device in a secure and timely manner. It will be discussed how the Federal Government plans to manage the future and adjust to new advancements in technology. Also discussed in this paper will be the Federal Governments plan to make all of these digital services available across the nation so that every citizen has a chance to utilize and enhance their lives because of the innovation of digital information.

Looking at the first objective, which is to enable citizens access to digital services all provided in a secure manner; that can be utilized anytime, anywhere, and from any device. According to "Office Of E-Government & Information Technology" (2012) “Operationalizing an information-centric model, we can architect our systems for interoperability and openness, modernize our content publication model, and deliver better, dev...

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