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Government Parole System Does Injustice Essay

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A very good__, I bid to Mr/Madam speaker, honourable adjudicators, just time keepers, Members of the opposition and Members of the house. Ladies and gentlemen,
I could not help but to listen to the opposition leader’s feeble argument. I could not help to notice that how the opposition has a fragmented view whereby they said that PAROLE SYSTERM DOES NOT INJUSTICE TO THE VICTIM OF CRIMES. The opposition leader said that______________, as a matter of fact__________. In addition to his rebuttal, I also wish to point out that the government stands by the definition presented by the Prime Minister in spite of how the opposition leader has tried to twist the words in their definition of the motion. We, the government do not see that as true and relevant. Now I have cleared the air of “confusion” caused by the opposition, kindly allow me to reaffirm the government’s stand before I continue with my case. THE PAROLE SYSTEM IMPOSES INJUSTICE TO...

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