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United Government Of America Essay

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United Government of America
In this essay by Matt Carr called “Slouching Towards Dystopia: The New Military Futurism”, he is not only informing the readers about the government and their futuristic interest, but he is also telling them that they need to take action so that America does not turn into a governmental dystopia. The thesis of Carr’s essay was, “The determination to shape, control and ‘dominate’ the turbulent and conflict-prone twenty-first century in the foreseeable (and unforeseeable) future is a key component of the new military futurism” (14). What he means by that is the American government is constantly looking for ways to have the upper hand on the world. They are spending millions of dollars to research possible futuristic activities so that they can see if the government will be able to remain dominate, no matter how devastating or enormous the events possibly are. Throughout the essay, he gives numerous examples of things that are happening in America to prove his thesis. He shows that not only is America using these futuristic technologies...

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