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Chapter 6 Review Questions American Government Essay

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1. In its modern sense, to what does the term “civil rights” refer? 2. What is the definition of discrimination?
3. The textbook indicates that the civil rights struggle for black Americans occurred in three distinct stages. What were those stages? 4. Why did Congress wait until 1808 to ban the importation of slaves? 5. What invention, in 1793 made slavery more profitable?

6. What percentage of the 1820 census did slavery constitute in the U.S. population? 7. What was the Missouri Compromise of 1820?
8. Who was the nation’s leading black orator and leader, from the 1840s until his death in 1895? 9. Southerners had generally only defended slavery as a “necessary evil” until the 1830s – how did their defense of slavery change during that time period? 10. How did the end of the Mexican-American War cause a slavery controversy? 11. What was the Underground Railroad?

12. What was the Kansas – Nebraska Act?
13. What impact did the Kansas – Nebraska Act of 1854 have on the Missouri Compromise of 1820? 14. What new political party came in to being and advocated that slavery not be introduced into any new territories? 15. How did the term “bleeding Kansas” come about?

16. With what case did the U. S. Supreme Court enter the fray (in 1857)? 17. What issues did Lincoln and Douglass argue in their seven debates? 18. What was the debate format for the Lincoln-Douglas debates? 19. With Lincoln ultimately losing the election against Douglas, how did his debating Douglas end up helping him? 20. What percentage of the popular vote did Lincoln get in the Presidential race and what percentage of the electoral college vote did he receive? 21. Which states seceded from the union before Lincoln could take the offic...

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