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April 19, 2012


* Purpose of Paper
* Location
* Government
* National Government
* Capital
* Leader/President
* People
* Population
* Ancestry
* Language
* Way of Life
* City Life
* Rural Life
* Clothing
* Food and Drink
* Recreation/Sports
* Education
* Religion
* The Arts
* The Land
* Climate
* Economy
* Infrastructure
* Manufacturing
* Agriculture
* Mining
* Energy
* Trades
* Transportation and Communication
* Bibliography

The purpose of this paper was to educate myself, and the reader on the

country of Australia. Prior to writing this paper I knew little about this diversified

country and I am grateful that I am able to pass on this knowledge.

The continent of Australia is located between the Indian Ocean and the

South Pacific Ocean with a total area of 7,686,850 square kilometers. The coastline

of Australia stretches for 25,760 kilometers and the Exclusive Economic Zone of

8,148,250 square kilometers. It lies southeast of Asia, between the Pacific and

Indian oceans, and is almost completely surrounded by ocean expanses.

Australia’s official name is the Commonwealth of Australia which was

federalized in 1901 when six independent British colonies agreed to join together

and become states of a new nation. The form of government used is called a

constitutional monarchy – ‘constitutional’ because the powers and procedures are

referred to by a written constitution, and ‘monarchy’ because the head of state is

Queen Elizabeth II. The birth of the nation is called a federation because the

Constitution created a federal system of government. Usually in a federal system,

powers are divided between a central government and individual states. In

Australia, power is divided between the Australian government and the six state


The Australian government passes laws which affect the whole country.

There are three complete sections of the government; the legislature/parliament

which is responsible for debating and voting on new laws to be introduced under

the power of section 51 in their constitution; the executive which is responsible for

enacting and upholding the laws established by the legislature; lastly, the judiciary

which is the legal arm of the Australian Government. It is independent of the other

two arms, an...

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