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Perfomance Evaluation Of Government Hospitals In Essay

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First of all we would like to thank Lahore School of Economics for giving us the chance to conduct this research. We have put forth a compiled study concerning government hospitals in Lahore. We would like to appreciate Ms. Rameeza Aslam for her guidance throughout the research. We are also thankful to the 20 people who spared their precious time to answer our survey questions. Also we would like to acknowledge the interviewee who cooperated and shared his personal experience with us

This study is intended to evaluate the level of performance of healthcare services delivered to patients by the public hospitals in Lahore, Pakistan. Currently, health care system in Lahore is comprised of public hospitals, healthcare units and dispensaries, which are not sufficient to meet the healthcare requirements of 169.9 million people. Under the elaborated dimensional analyses, the study aims to identify the scarcity of facilities in public hospitals that adversely affect patie...

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