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Lord Flies Nature Governments Essay

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Lord of the Flies: the Nature of Governments

Many governments currently exist in the world, but none of them are absolutely perfect. Natural governments are created to unite a group of people, and to serve them respect, dignity, and safety. No government is perfect, simply because people are not all perfect. The flaws of society are depicted in the book, Lord of the Flies by William Golding. The natural government was assembled first by intelligence, then by force. In the beginning, the setting was peaceful, with the only worry being the question of survival. As the time wears on, flaws in the community dramatically change the government, and Jack asserts his power through force. In the end, violence dominates the government and terrible destruction occurs.

The government in the beginning was formed on the basis of intelligence. The conch was next introduced; the conch governed the community. After Ralph was elected chief by population consensus, he ensures free speech and some degree of protection. Jack was a conflicting character to this government. He repeatedly ignores the conch, which symbolizes the core of democracy on the island; an example would be what Jack said to Piggy during the construction of the first fire: "The conch doesn't count on top of the mountain, so you shut up." (Jack, 42) This shows the Jack's lust for total power and his disrespect to others. During the election, he thinks that he deserves to be chief: "Ralph counted. "I'...

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