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United States Constitution - National Security Donna L. Arthur, Daniel Brown, Danielle Hoffart, Danielle Jackson HIS/301 October 20, 2014 BENJAMIN BOLGER The United States of America, in its early years as a nation, was the direct result of the founding fathers willingness to separate them from England and form an independent nation. The Founding Fathers consisted of George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton and others. These men, some of which grew up in England, France, and other European countries, witnessed first hand how those governments operated and the oversight within those nations. Most of these men received their educations there as well. They were all too familiar with the problems inherent in big government. Together they envisioned a nation that was operated by a fair and impartial government. A vision where the government, that guaranteed the basic fundamental rights to every citizen of the United States, would become the basis of the new republic. They knew that a nation, where the citizens governed themselves, would be effective. These citizens would elect their representatives in good faith that their ideas and thoughts would be presented to the government and that their best interests would be looked after. The authors of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights wanted to provide the nation with standards, laws, and regulations that would guide the states in order to build a strong foundation. The documents contained in the articles of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights gave the structure to provide what was needed in a government while also providing a checks and balances system to limit the power of government. The government was divided into three separate branches, which included the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch, and Legislative Branch. The Founding Fathers could not foresee what the future held nor could they foresee the course the nation would take but, they set out to design a set of d...

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