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Family Hopes Ban on Texting While Driving Will be Passed
The article began with a story about Dustin Teague and how he fatally died on Highway 302 due to distracted driving. Distracted by the argument with his wife, Dustin drove off the right side of the highway as his truck began to roll several times. Dustin Teague died instantly as he was thrown from the vehicle, but fortunately enough his wife survived the accident. Devastated as they were, John and Shannon Teague, parents of Dustin, fought against distracted driving. They organized outreach campaigns and founded a local group in the fight against distracted driving. The week afterwards, they would head to Austin to persuade the governor and legislature to pass a proposed texting while driving ban. Although Dustin died due to distracted driving and not texting, John and Shannon Teague still believed that texting while driving is a primary cause of distracted driving and hope that the ban is passed to prevent such incidents. They believed that taking away any form of distracted driving would lower the death rates due to distracted driving. On Novem...

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