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Government Investment Essay

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Government's investment in the Hoover Dam employed 21,000 jobs at the peak of the depression, proving infrastructure investments have immediate benefits. This investment created a clean hydroelectric power source, and 4 billion kilo-watt hours of electricity provided yearly for 1.3 million Americans.

Government's investment in American heroes created the GI Bill. It gave 8 million vets a college education or job training. The GI Bill was critical to the development of the middle class, by helping millions of vets get mortgages.

Government's investment in school with the “Elementary and Secondary Education Act” gave at risk children a much better chance to escape a live of poverty. This act was signed by LBJ with investments coming from all levels of government. It is accredited with successfully cutting the achievement gap to this day. Government's investment in the interstate highway lead to a massive increase in productivity. In 2011it was accredited with moving over 15 trillion dollars worth of freight. Annual productivity increases after completion:

1950's = 31%
1960's = 25%
1970's = 23%

Let's not forget Facebook and Twitter and a lot of other companies rely on the internet, a...

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