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Democratic System Government Appropriate Pakistan Essay

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Certain countries in the world have been ruled by the military dictators as well as the democratic leaders. Pakistan is one of the finest examples of such a system. In Pakistan, military and democratic government exchange hands time and again and this chain goes on. This is evident from the past experiences. This is also evident from current economic crisis of the country after a long period of dictatorship. It seems that the democratic system is better for Pakistan.

Although the military plays vital role in the security of a country yet it has nothing to do with the politics of the country. Politicians and military officers have quite different jobs. Politicians are supposed to run the government and the military is supposed to provide security to the country. As it is evident from history that whenever, military dictators ruled over Pakistan, at the end, everything got messed up because of their inability to rule. Although, in their regime, Pakistan flourished in certain fields but there were many drawbacks as well.

Every military dictator in Pakistan, when he came to rule, initially claimed to work for th...

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