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Branches Of Government Paper Essay

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Branches of Government Paper
Ric Hulshoff

Branches of Government Paper
The forefathers of the United States had a great vision and saw that there was a need within the government to be divided into different branches. Before this was done, this was the first time that a democratic system was put into place from scratch all at once. The three branches that were created were the legislative, judicial, and executive branches. Reverting back to other countries and kings that had abused power, the four fathers created these three branches so that a greedy and strong president wouldn’t have the power to take over the system, instead there would be checks and balances procedures that would be put into place. These three branches are co-equal in the since of power that each one has over the other. In order for a law to be passed, the president of the United States must sign the laws approval. If Congress has supermajority when passing a law, it may be approved if not then it has to be signed by the president. Laws may be found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and have the laws vetoed. The Supreme Court justices are nominated by the president and then approved by the Senate. This is an honored job to have within the justice system, once the individual is h...

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