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Local Government Mayor Or Nazim System Essay

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Submitted by:Muhammad TofeequeImran Ahmed Khan
Kashif Iqbal
The basic purpose of this research and It is necessary for us to find out that the reasons behind the objection on the local government system is stronger than the benefits of the local government system. Should the local government system have dissolved or not. Which system is better than the other system, local government or commissioner system? Which one is the best one for Karachi, the city that is the financial hub of Pakistan? HYPOTHESIS

“Local Government (Mayor or Nazim) system is more reliable and effective than the commissionerate system in Karachi.” DESCRIPTION OF THE THESIS
I have divided this thesis into following 4 chapters:
Chapter # 1- This part consists of in-depth literature review and explains the concept of local Gov’t system in the different countries and some opinions. Chapter # 2-This chapter explains the methodology of the thesis, giving information about the respondents, sample size, and the questionnaire designed. Chapter # 3-This gives results and an in-depth analysis of the answers given by the respondents to each question. Chapter # 4-This final part concludes the findings of the survey and validates the hypothesis and states the conclusion of the thesis. CHAPTER# 1

‘Literature Survey’
In Pakistan Local government system or nazim system was introduced under General Musharraf rule. Although the purpose of introduction of the system was to strong the presidential position but it turned out to be good for the people as well. District nazim who were selected by the people and they also belonged to the respected areas, were doing their jobs for the people and their towns very smoothly. It is not that all the people and the parties are agreed on the system. There are some big names politicians are objected on the system and they think this system introduced just to empower a military dictator. The dispute is to use or avoid the system.

Commissionerate System
In this condition an administrator would be appointed by the federal gov’t and the situation of Karachi would be five districts: Karachi East, Karachi South, Karachi West, Karachi Central and Malir. The status of Hyderabad will also revert to its pre-2001 state. Now, again issued an ordinance for restoration of Local Government Authority of 2001 state.

Local government in the United States refers to the general-purpose Governments at the county, city, town, or township level and special-purpose Governments, which include special districts and school districtsLocal government is the lowest level in the system of government in Malaysia— after federal and state. It has the power to collect taxes (in the form of assessment tax), to create laws and rules (in the form of by-laws) and to grant licenses and permits for any trade in its area of jurisdiction, in addition to providing basic amenities, collecting and managing waste and garbage as well as planning and developing the area under its jurisdiction.

In India the local government is the third level of government apart from the State and Central governments. There are two types of Local Government in operation: Panchayats in rural areas and Municipalities in urban areas. The Panchayats are a linked-system of local bodies with village panchayats (average population about 5,000), panchayat sanities at the intermediate level (average population about 100,000), and district pancakes (average population about 1,000,000).

‘Methodology & Questionnaire Design’
The hypothesis is tested for the people of Karachi who have seen the both systems. The hypothesis is tested on the basis of a questionnaire targeting the system which is better than the other. The questionnaire consists of 15 closed-ended questions to get accurate responses. The responses of the people to each question are summarized and presented in a tabulated form.

However, responses of the people were also observed and analyzed to frame a realistic observation. SAMPLE SIZE:
In order to test the hypothesis accurately, a realistic and measurable sample size of 40 respondents is taken from the following places: Anglophile Institute
Barkat Market
Allied Bank
Faysal Bank
Karachi University
Political Workers Unit No 142
Shopkeepers and retired employees
Employees of private organization
Q.1 Do you think Commissionerate System is better than Mayor (Nazim) system in Karachi?   Strongly Agree   Agree   Moderately Agree   Disagree   Strongly Disagree Q.2 Do you think that Karachi Developed in Mayor (Nazim) System?   Strongly Agree   Agree   Moderately Agree   Disagree   Strongly Disagree Q.3 Do you think that Mayor (Nazim) had much control in their areas rather than Commissionerate?   Strongly Agree   Agree ...

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