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PHStat2 Version 3.20 Readme
The PHStat2 add-in assists you in using Microsoft Excel while you learn the concepts of statistics. PHStat2 allows you to perform many common types of statistical analyses while using the familiar Excel interface.

This document is organized into sections that will assist you in setting up and using PHStat2. Note: In this document, the symbol  means “on the next submenu, select.” Table of Contents
1 PHStat2 Technical Requirements
2 Configuring Microsoft Windows Excel Security
3 Setting up and Using PHStat2
4 Microsoft Windows and Mac OS Differences
5 Updating PHStat2
6 Troubleshooting PHStat2
7 What's New in PHStat2?

1 PHStat2 Technical Requirements
Microsoft Windows Excel 2003, Excel 2007 or Excel 2010, or (Mac) OS X Excel 2011 with the latest Microsoft-supplied patches and service packs applied. For information about Excel versions published after the date of this read me file, see section 5. PHStat2 no longer fully supports Microsoft Windows Excel 2003 and requires that the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack be installed. Some advanced procedures will generate worksheets that display #NAME? error in one or more cells.

For Microsoft Windows Excel, appropriate security settings as discussed in Section 2. 4 MB disk storage space for all files

2 Configuring Microsoft Windows Excel Security
To use PHStat2 successfully on Microsoft Windows versions, you first must review and change, if necessary, Microsoft Office security settings. Instructions differ from version to version.

2a Excel 2010 Security
You must change the Trust Center settings to allow PHStat2 to properly function. Follow these steps: 1. Click File  Options.
In the Excel Options dialog box:
2. Click Trust Center in the left pane and then click Trust Center Settings in the right pane. In the Trust Center dialog box:
3. Click Add-ins in the next left pane, and in the Add-ins right pane clear all of the checkboxes.

4. Click Macro Settings in the left pane and in the Macro Settings right pane click Disable all macros with notification.
5. Click OK to close the Trust Center dialog box.
Back in the Excel Options dialog box:
6. Click OK to finish
On some systems with stringent security settings, you may need to modify step 5. For such systems, in step 5, click Trusted Locations in the left pane and then, in the Tr...

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