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The Government During Spanish And Present Essay

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During the 15th century there are important event happen in political and livelihood in Europe they called it renaissance or reborn, it make the trade in Europe fast. It causes strong desire of European search to find the spice island to support the economy of their country. One of the countries is the Spain; they found the new world (America) by Christopher Columbus and many islands is rediscovered by Spain during the golden age one of them is the Philippines discovered by Ferdinand Magellan on march 16 1521. According to the expert the reason why the Spanish colonization of many island is the 3 G`s GOD, Gold and glory. (1) GOD they want to spread the Christianity in the world (2) Gold they want economic wealth because of the wealth is the measurement of greatness of the nation (3) Glory Spanish desire to became great empire in the world. The Philippines colonized by Spain almost 300 year in many ways the influence of the Spanish can see today like Christianity it is the most successful and enduring and also in government.

The influence of Spanish colonization take a part in are government today let see what is like the government during Spanish and present day Filipinos. 1. FORM OF THE GOVERNMENT
Spanish government during colonization in the Philippines is monarchy. These are the some characteristic of monarchy: • It form of government in which sovereignty is actually or nominally embodied in single person(King) • In monarchy the kingship is passed down through inheritance within the family group • The king is the executive ,legislative and judicial

• The king appoint of his own official in government
The present day government of the Philippines form of democracy, it came to American they help Filipinos to self-government and enlighten the eye in democracy the country. These are the characteristic of democracy: • It a form of government in which the sovereign is the people of country • The government officials is elected by the people of the country • The representative of the people who created the law of country • There is pluriform multi-party system, this system revolves around three separate and sovereign yet interdependent branch: the legislative , executive and the judicial branch



During Spanish colonization the Philippines is lead by Governador General. This is the duty and characteristic of the head of state • He is the representative of the king of Spain
• He has the power to appoint or relieve officer in...

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