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The founding fathers intent of setting up the Government will never be know for certain, but it is infered that they preferred a republic over a democracy. In the constitutional convention the drafters had to decide how much power they would entrust with the people, and how much would be controlled by representatives. They chose to have Congress Make the laws, and congress would be directly voted on by the citizens. But the executive branch, needed a sole president and the founding fathers had to decide how to choose this president. The electoral college system has been in place for over two hundred years and Americans are still not sure how it works or if it is the best system. Many Americans feel they go to vote for the president, and in the end their vote doesn't count.

The election process is pretty simple, every four years on the first tuesday following a monday in the month of novemeber, americans all around the country exercise one of the most important core guarantee's the constitution has to offer. The right to vote for your representatives in the government, expecially the president. "Artical two, section one of the costitution sets the requirements...

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