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Depression and Clinical Psychology

In this paper I will be looking at a research study done about depression, it is being studied in a medical setting and that leads us to depression and clinical psychology. The reason I selected these two topics are because I feel like the best way to treat depression is with clinical psychology. Depression is often talked about but there are not many different types of treatments out there. I decided to look into a research study done by Stefan Hofman. The study gives people suffering from all kinds of ailments clinical psychology in the form of mindful based therapy to see how they respond to it regardless of the injury or reason for medical treatment. Mindful based therapy or MBT is how it will be referred to from here on out in this paper. Derived from ancient Buddhist and Yoga practices, mindfulness-based therapy (MBT), which includes mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and mindfulness-based stress reduction, has become a very popular form of treatment in contemporary psychotherapy Several of the applications of MBT (such as MBCT) have been designed as relapse prevention strategies rather than to reduce acute symptoms. Other studies have examined MBT as a symptom-focused treatment. The present study is a review of MBT as a therapy to reduce acute symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The literature in this study simply states how mindful based therapy is not just good for depression but is actually good regardless of the medical reason behind the medical visit. The study also goes on to explain how mindful based therapy helps to improve anxiety as well as depression. I feel that the researcher used many references to show how MBT works and is used in many parts of the world. I feel they could have included studies for other types of treatments for depression. The research tends to use references that only help the positive results of the study. The research only shows references that go along with the hypothesis of the experiment. While other research could have been included the research that was included covered the topic of MBT very well. Thirty nine studies totaling or 1,140 participants were receiving MBT as well as whatever medical treatment they require...

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