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"A crown, golden in show, is but a wreath of thorns."
- John Milton, speaking on the burden of leadership.
As you already know, leadership in governments can be bad as well as good. For every Abraham Lincoln there is an Adolf Hitler. For every Winston Churchill there is a Benito Mussolini. In good times and bad times, it is wise to follow the thinking of retired Army General Schwarzkopf who said that he learned as much from the mistakes of leaders as from their victories, and that he learned as much from avoiding the bad as imitating the good. As we continue our study of the leaders in history who helped shape the philosophy and formation of governments, let us commit to both imitating the good and avoiding the bad. Vocabulary

Political system of collective ownership of property, population is of one class.

Communist Manifesto
Book by Marx urging workers to overthrow upper classes; textbook for communism and socialism.

One who disagrees or has a difference of opinion.

free enterprise system
Political system in which the government allows citizens to own private business for profit.

Of Reformation in England
John Milton's writing o...

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