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The Roman Government Essay

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The Roman Government
Latin Investigation By Abhishek Gambhir
January 2013

The High School of Glagow

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Table of Contents
3. 4 5. 6. 7. 8. Introduction The Leaders Political Groups Monarchy to Republic Conclusion Bibliography

Curia Julia The High School of Glagow [email protected] 2.

I have chosen the government for my latin investigation for many reasons. The first and formost reason is that I am very interested in modern politics and how the government works and I thought it would be interesting if I resarched how the romans ruled and governed their country. On the front cover you will see an ancient coin with the letters SPQR on it. This would have stood for “Senātus Populusque Rōmānus” Which literarly translated as “The Senate and People of Rome.” These four letters were one of the most important symbols in roman life it was used as an official emblem of the modern day town of Rome. It appears on coins, at the end of important documents ,gravestones and was branded on the arms of the men in the Roman legions.

SPQR on a Gravestone

SPQR on a the base of a statue of Julius Caeser

In the Table of Contents I hve incuded remains of the Roman senate houses. The one on the left is Curia Julia which was the third senate house to be named. It’s construction began in 44 BC by order of Julius Caeser but was interupted by his unfortunate assassination and was completed by Caesar’s successor Augustus in 29 BC. The Curia Julia is one of the only Roman structures to still be standing today. Throughout the Investigation I will look at different points abot what made the Roman government ti...

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