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Fahrenheit 451 Government Paper Essay

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 All books have one thing in common: Theme. In Fahrenheit 451, books are burned and against the law. Guy Montag, a curious fireman who burns books, is taught some important things about life by a mysterious girl named Clarisse. When she disappears, Montag is forced to take the matter into his own hands. In the novel, Ray Bradbury discusses many themes. The three main themes were: Conformity vs. Individuality, Freedom of Speech and the Consequences of Losing It, and The Importance of Remembering and Understanding History.

Governments receive their power from the people, and conformity is a source of power. In Fahrenheit 451, there is much more conformity than individuality. The story’s government tries to control society through mindless entertainment. This leaves people in a state of ignorance and they do not realize the government's control and brainwashing.

If the society had books and education, the government would lose control. There are only a few people, such as Monta...

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