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Examining Government Regulations Essay

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It seems like children with disabilities all the benefits they need during their school years. But do the parents of these children have any benefit at all? Loprest and Martinson (2008) informed that many children with disabilities' parents suffer from unemployment. Many of children with disabilities need to be supervised by a responsible adult and in most cases are the parents who have to supervise. During school hours teachers assume the responsibility for these children, but during after school hours, weekends, vacations, and other times, is the parents' job to take care of the children with disabilities (Ogle County Educational Cooperative (OCEC), 2006).

Sturtevant and Elliot (1994) mentioned that "two million of the three million children and youth experiencing a serious emotional disturbance, and their families, in this country were not receiving adequate services." Because many children with disabilities' families are living in poverty, "…the only means of getting services has been to give up custody of their child or place their child in an institution" (Sturtevant and Elliot, 1994). Koyanagi (1994) mentioned that sometimes parents that cannot go to work, because they need to take care of their disable child, receive help only from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid) and in some cases from the Supplemental Social Income (SSI). But these helps are not enough to take care of the fami...

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