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Proportional Representation In The Us Government Essay

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Although most would agree that we live in a country whose foundation was based off of the ideals of liberty and democracy, a titanic number of citizens choose not to exercise their suffrage rights. The reason many American’s choose not to vote is because they feel they aren’t being adequately represented. This is likely because there is a lack of representation on many levels, rather it be on a race or gender standpoint. Even though our representatives are chosen through fair and democratic elections, our elections often result in an under-representation of women, ethnic minorities, and poorer social classes. This is due to our winner-take-all philosophy that routinely denies representation to a large number of voters and doesn’t accurately reflect the views of the public. There is a debate as to whether the United States should adopt some form of group representation voting system as opposed to the current winner-take-all system. Although it would require a constitutional change and a change in the minds of American’s, group representation is a certain way to ensure all American citizens are being adequately represented. Group representation, also known as proportional representation, is designed to remedy electoral injustices. It ensures that any grouping of like-minded people, regardless of them being a minority or majority, get a fair share of power and representation in our legis...

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