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E Government In Malaysia Essay

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meeting the challenges of the next decade, the government of Malaysia has taken various kinds of robust action to ensure that the country will be able to adopt a new kind of environment in the new information age. Every public policy has been amended time and again in order to suit the future criteria. The new generation is expected to give more emphasis upon understanding the essence of being an information society. Public and Private sectors have been urged to optimize their knowledge base and tuning their functions in more comprehensive manner by adopting a new style of service delivery and that is done through the manipulation of information technology. This paper will therefore explore evolutionary the establishment of the Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor and the kind of efforts made in the public sector especially on the new so-called national project – Malaysian Electronic Government, one of the flagship applications in the Multimedia Super Corridor Project.

Vision 2020

Vision 2020 was announced by Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, Malaysian Prime Minister at the inaugural meeting of the Malaysian Business Council on February 28, 1991 and it is actually a turning point for the Malaysian society to start a new way of lifestyle to become an informative and progressive society. The Vision highlighted several criteria to achieve its aim in making Malaysia a new developed country according to the Malaysian outlook. Part of the visions implies that Malaysia has to create a progressive society with a highly scientific and technological achievement that requires not only quality human resources but also quality services for public consumption. As a strategy to achieve such vision, Malaysia has embarked on an ambitious plan to leapfrog into the information age by providing intellectual and strategic leadership. The government welcomes the advent of the information age with its promise of a New World order where information, ideas, people, good and services move across border in the most cost effective and liberal ways. Hence this will create a new center of quality and excellent services for the world.

Multimedia Super Corrido...

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