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State And Local Government Comparisons Matrix Essay

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State and Local Government Comparisons Matrix

Based on the readings from State and Local Government this week, review and summarize how each issue is managed at the state and local levels.

State Local
Legal Documents State Archives also has responsibility to review, approve, dispose or transfer any legal documents that are no longer in need of by the agency. Provides necessary training for managing legal documents and provides technical assistance for state agencies. Legal documents contain information used to sustain communication, support decision making, confirm entitlement and ensure accountability. The State government has a responsibility to manage records and serve the best interest of the public (Saffell, D, 2010.). Promote and support a program for the well controlled and organize system for legal documents. Including the identification and appropriate administration of records. Coordinate legal disposition and destruction of obsolete records. Each local government has one office that is designated as records management officer (Saffell, D, 2010.)

Mandates Impose cost on local government b...

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