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Governmental Control Essay

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Governmental Control
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Governmental Control
Everyday millions of televisions are playing across the world in homes, businesses, schools, ect. In front of these televisions there are millions of people watching them religiously. I am one of those millions and have been for many years and over those years I have watched how the content changed over the years. As the years past I started to see the changes in the programming and shows gradually started to go from a rating of "PG" to "R" to worst in some cases. It seems to me that somewhere someone was starting to push the envelope and the government started to give a little then a little more until the flood gates were open. When the internet started to develop and I got old enough to use and understand it's potential the amount of access was very open and seem to not be censored at all. My parents were not around to constantly monitor what I was watching nor what I was looking at on the internet. I believe that my parents like many others depended on the government to control the content being broadcasted. Government Control Versus Parental Con...

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