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Correa And Lasso Government Plans Essay

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rrea and lasso government planCorrea and Lasso’s Government plan The proposals of Lasso and Correa in aspects on international trade are totally different. Correa is more worry for boost the national products. In his proposals he said that the biggest structural problem that threat the sustainability of the Ecuadorian’s macroeconomic is the deficit of the non-oil trade balance. The imports growth faster that the exports non-oil. For these reason he had implemented several taxes to the imports in order to reverse the trend. He said too that having no exchange policy, following the dollarization, its required measures related to the balance of payments. For these reason is because he has too many restrictions in the imports. He is decided to boost the national’s products and he said that the problem of why our exports and productions are not successful, Is because we don’t buy our products, we just consume exported products. So, he thinks that the society is responsible and we must assume this responsibility, preferring national to imported products. I completely disagree wi...

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