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Anise Of Government Assistance Programs Essay

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Fueling government assistance programs cost the us

billions of dollars each year. *add statistic* Statistics

show in recent years, funding for programs have risen

substantially. When the first government aiding programs

were established, they were designed for those who could

not provide for themselves(or their families)*optional* . In

1933 the unemployment rate had reached the highest its

ever been in the United States at a staggering 24.75%.

(Smiley). Many we're out of work, with no source of

income and the economy was at an all time low. More

recently, in 2007 our country entered a recession, and

the nations unemployment rate reached 9.5%. The rate

had been nearly 5% lower 2 years prior to 2007.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, 45

Million people in 2011 received SNAP benefits. The

Statistics are shocking considering the benefits rose by

70 percent since 2007 (Paletta). SNAP being one of

government aided program where abuse occurs heavily.

In order to get benefits From welfare programs, those looking to receive them must find if they qualify for them. Information for these programs can be discovered online, or by speaking t...

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