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Government And Media In Singapore Essay

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The increase trend in governments using social media

Media is a crucial part of our everyday life. It allows us to communicate with others, get new information and connect with people all over the world. In current times, media acts as our lifeline to the outside world. It can be assumed that the government feels the same way about media. The Government uses an array of media from advertisements to commercials to give out information to the public. Recently, the government has ventured into new-media technologies such as social media.

A recent statistics conducted in the year 2012, showed that 56% of the world uses social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. (Statistic Brian, 2012) In Singapore, even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has his own Facebook and Twitter account. These social networking sites act as feedback channels, where people are able to comment and share their views with the government bodies.

However the question, “Is social media the best way to reach out to the masses?” always r...

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