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Branches Of Government Essay

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Branches of Government
Executive Branch
Governor General
1. One role of the Governor General is representing the Crown and ensuring there is always a prime minister. This is very important because if there was no Prime Minister then the Canadian government would break down. The Governor General can also appoint or dismiss a prime minister in a case of emergency. This rarely happens. 2. The Governor General gives royal assent to pass bills in the Senate or House of Commons. He does this on the advice of the prime minister and cabinet ministers. These are the bills the Canadian citizens wish to become law. 3. Another role of the Governor General is to appoint superior court judges on the advice of the cabinet. 4. The Governor General reads the Speech from the Throne. This speech outlines the federal government agenda for the new session of Parliament. 5. Another role of the Governor General is the Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Armed Forces. Prime Minister

Question 1
In order to be an effective Prime Minister I think a person has to have a strong personality. They need to be really confident in themselves and their beliefs because there will always be members of parliament and Canadian citizens that go against what they believe. A Prime Minister needs to b...

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